A landmark facility

Because of their proven reliability and affordability, throughout their history, TUDOR watches have been chosen by the boldest adventurers on land, underwater, and on ice. Today, the TUDOR collection includes emblematic models such as Pelagos, Black Bay, 1926, and Royal. Since 2015, TUDOR has also offered mechanical Manufacture Calibres with superior performance, such as the TUDOR Manufacture Calibre MT5612, which powers the Pelagos.

The TUDOR Manufacture is the first industrial facility fully dedicated to the TUDOR watchmaking company in its 100-year history. The landmark facility is located in Le Locle, Neuchâtel Canton, Switzerland, close to the Swiss-French border.


A signature look

The construction of the TUDOR Manufacture started in 2018, with the objective of moving the assembly operations of Montres TUDOR S.A. from Geneva closer to its affiliates and suppliers in the Jura mountains. A location next to a Rolex facility, inaugurated in 1970, was the obvious choice to build TUDOR’s cutting-edge Manufacture on. The signature TUDOR red building was fully completed in 2021 and officially inaugurated in March of 2023 during the main show for luxury Swiss watch brands, Watches and Wonders.

The façade and windows give the building its signature look. The execution is bright red on the TUDOR Manufacture side and silvery grey on the Kenissi Manufacture side to ensure visual continuity. Also, another less-obvious element of the building is the Sage Glass-equipped bay windows, which automatically regulate the amount of light transmission depending on the level of natural light. The system is energy efficient, using light transmission to help regulate energy consumption. In fact, a large part of the power used by and in the building is generated by solar panels on the roof, the remainder comes from the Swiss power grid, and per TUDOR’s choice is generated by renewable energy sources.


The dawn of a new era

The TUDOR Shield is the most important symbol of the brand. In October of 2021, the signs were finally installed, signalling the completion of the Manufacture. The symbol was introduced in 1969 with the intention of projecting robustness. Today, the symbol still stands for robustness, and now engineering and manufacturing prowess as well.

The Manufacture represents the dawning of a new era for TUDOR. The vision to create a Manufacture that puts humans at the center of the watchmaking process while harnessing the power of technology has finally been realized in the form of TUDOR Manufacture Le Locle. Careful consideration has been given to every single aspect; from the benches the watchmakers work at all the way to the plants that grow in the open spaces around the Manufacture. TUDOR is committed to making the best possible luxury watch at the best possible price, and the development of this Manufacture is part of that mission, serving TUDOR for years to come.