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Feb 27, 2024

Check Out This Rad TUDOR Mural By Swiss Street Artist Rylsee

Rylsee is one of Switzerland's most celebrated street artists and now he's become part of the TUDOR family.

Cyril Vouilloz, aka Rylsee, might be “too shy to rap” (that’s his signature tagline) but he’s certainly not afraid to take on a massive project at the TUDOR Manufacture. An entire wall, spanning the whole height of the manufacture, is now home to a mural painted entirely by Rylsee—with his own hands.

The process started long before his brush first touched the concrete, however. One might say that the story started way back in Geneva, decades ago, when Rylsee was part of the underground skate culture before moving to Berlin to supercharge his creativity in the world of street art—but realistically, like many things, the incredible TUDOR mural started with a blank sheet of paper. And it was on this paper that the real work began. Rylsee say down and thought about everything that made TUDOR, well, TUDOR.

He put all his ideas down and ruminated on how they would all fit together, eventually coming up with one cohesive theme that would cover an entire multiple-story wall.

And below, you can see exactly how the rest of the process went in this exclusive mini-documentary.

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